I’m medico.ai!
Nice to meet you!

I am a self-learning expert system developed by medicalmotion to identify the root causes of diseases and to recommend exercises to cure and prevent them at their core.

A pioneer artificial intelligence that combines human expertise with machine learning.

With our team of experts we’re gathering and digitizing medical knowledge and human expertise about the system of the human body, the causes of diseases, the impact of our lifestyle on the human body and the decision-making processes that are actually applied in therapy. With the help of machine learning, we support science and research to utilize exercise as medicine and to find new breakthroughs in understanding the human body as a holistic system.



Years of research


Years testing with real cases


Conditions and diseases integrated

Making decisions in a short time is hard.

Research is still new  when understanding the complexity and interconnections of the human body system and the effect of specific exercises on it. Even for doctors and therapists it is hard to decide on the right treatment for a patient as they only have a very limited time to work with them.

Experience and knowledge

The heart of medicalmotion is the development of a technology that is based on science and expert’s experience. Thanks to the advances in artificial intelligence, we can offer each of our users the exact movement and relaxation that leads to a healthy and active life.


We are using machine learning to find new ways to prevent and treat physical diseases at their core. With the interaction of our users, our hybrid intelligent system is able to discover patterns and connections between certain movement restrictions and the emergence of diseases, and it can consider information within its decision making in real-time.